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B.I.G. has LMM-Menu that already build-in for you! It’s a perfect decision if you have a large menu. It can content anything – from images and maps to any widgets. Every item of menu has an icon without any coding. Also you able to use all popular menu layouts for mobile and desctop. B.I.G. includes Great Sidebars Manager, that can be set up with a click. You can choose a sidebar for each page or post. Need to create a new sidebar? Let’s do it, visit Appearance – Sidebar Manager, create your own sidebar and select this sidebar on needed page or post!

Need to set your language/язык/мову/język ? We took care about it and include Language MO/PO Files, you should only add your native language words instead of current words. All basic plugins are include language you need. So create a great website for your country it’s really easy!

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